Remove Computer

Remove computer threats

Remove Computer Malware, unwanted software & more

...and just added now cure thousands of website vulnerabilities too!

SparkTrust Inspector finds vulnerabilities hackers use to exploit websites, and provides you with a detailed report including all the technical information you need to fix any weakness, keeping you safe.


You also have the option of scanning your computer for various problems including commonly exploited holes that exposé your computer to hacker access.

For business and enterprise users, SparkTrust provides a PCI DSS Authorised Scanning Vendor (ASV) scan, ensuring your business remains compliant with Payment Card Industry standards.

Sparktrust site vulnerability scanning and web monitoring is always free for consumers. Registration is required to have Sparktrust certified experts repair detected vulnerabilities.

Complete do-it-yourself remediation instructions provided free.

Download Sparktrust Inspector to analyze your website or as many websites as you want, as well as your computer if desired.

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Scan your website and we'll quickly generate a detailed security report which you can access free on our site.

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